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Nuix Quick Search Referance

Indexed Fields:

content:flag:  (Options- irregular_file_extension, inline, partially_processed, poison, text_stripped, audited, top_level, not_top_level, loose_file, not_loose_file)kind: (Options- email, document, spreadheet, presentation, drawing, other-document, image, multimedia, database, container, system, unrecognised.), exclusion: exp(exclusion:”my exclusion”, item-id:,

guid:  matches a guid ID



encrypted: 0 or 1

name:   exp(name:”email subject here”)

mime-type: exp(-mime-type:message/rfc822)  

file-extension: exp(file-extension:doc)

has-binary:  exp(has-binary:0) only option it 0 or 1

contains-text:  exp 1 or 0

has-text:  0 or 1 option, test if a field could have text not that it does.

has-image:   same as above

tag:  exp(tag:jason)

has-tag:  1 or 0

(Please refer to the manual for more examples)


? – Matches one character, includes empty character

* – Matches zero or more characters, to the position of the symbol exp: *work or work*


~ – Use the tilde at the end of a term to search based Exp: hot~ or cold~0.75.  You can set the percentage from between 0.0 to 1.0, default being .5.  See manual for more details.

Logical (or Boolean) Operators:

AND, OR, NOT,+(considered AND),-(considered NOT), (No support for XOR)

Phrase Queries:

“Phrase belong in double Quotes”

Punctuation is Removed*, keep that in mind the term will be “jason blanks com” to NUIX, and is considered or converted to a phrase.

Distance Search:

“Jason Blanks”~2 Matches items that contain “Jason Blanks” and items that contain “Jason William Blanks” by word difference of N.

Regular Expressions:

“/”-  belongs at the front and end of the regular expression.  exp:

\d    –  A digit (0-9)

\D   –  A non-digit

|      –  Matches either the left or right side.

[]     –  Match a character within brackets.

.      –  Match any character.

.*     – Match one or more characters.

\b     – This is considered a word boundary.

^      – Match the start of a word

$     – Match the end of a word.